Kapalya Launches Intelligent End-to-End Encryption Software That Changes the Cybersecurity Game

Data protection solution focused on key management, key protection and ease of use

Berkeley, CA – August 2, 2018 – Cybersecurity startup, Kapalya, launches a data protection solution that completely protects sensitive data in-transit and at-rest on public and private clouds, endpoints and mobile, helping companies comply with GDPR and other regulatory requirements. The Encryption Management Platform provides an easy-to-use system, allowing employees to work on any device, on any platform while ensuring file safety, coupled with the ability to share encrypted files without exposing keys to their entire data set.

The Encryption Management Platform is a tool that assists organizations with meeting GDPR compliance, managing the rise of BYOD and cloud storage usage.

Founded in 2015, Kapalya has been developing its software by implementing feedback from various security teams. “I reached out and spoke with businesses of all different sizes, from all different industries to solicit feedback, gain perspective on their data protection challenges and find the best way to solve these problems. The common message I received was that enterprises want their data protected everywhere (cloud, on-premise, endpoints and mobile), from a single solution, while masking privileged user access, and promising the ability to share encrypted files,” said Kapalya founder and CEO, Sudesh Kumar.

This research and feedback resulted in Kapalya’s Encryption Management Platform which features:

  • At-rest and in-transit data encryption on any device, corporate server or public cloud
  • End-to-end encrypted file sharing, delivering increased security over secure file sharing
  • An advanced key management algorithm that destroys keys after the encrypt/decrypt functions complete, making it impossible to steal keys from endpoints or cloud storage
  • Sophisticated data classification engine that auto-detects 250+ file types for sensitive data (including options to customize based on varying business requirements)
  • Zero-knowledge encryption masks cloud admin and internal corporate admin’s visibility into your data and encryption keys

Kapalya has partnered with Gemalto, a global cyber security leader and uses Gemalto’s FIPS 140-2 compliant virtual key management server in its platform.

“Today, most businesses run hybrid IT environments with applications that are on-premise and in the cloud. In addition, most employees have shifted to mobile devices and smartphones as their primary interface to that corporate data. As a result, the new perimeter is the actual data itself wherever it is stored and wherever it moves. Gemalto’s broad and proven data encryption and key management portfolio provides the perfect foundation for companies like Kapalya to build and deliver their innovative data security solutions,” said Gemalto’s Todd Moore, Senior Vice President, Encryption Products, Identity & Data Protection.

For more information on Kapalya and its Encryption Management Platform, visit kapalya.com.

About Kapalya: Kapalya’s Encryption Management Platform empowers businesses and their employees to securely store and share sensitive files at-rest and in-transit across multiple platforms through a user-friendly file system. Kapalya delivers a unique approach to encryption key management by serving keys in real-time and destroying them after the encrypt or decrypt functions. This full-service encryption solution protects all corporate data by seamlessly encrypting files on all end-points (computers and mobile devices), corporate servers and public cloud providers.

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